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Article 1:

The driving of the Karts must be carried out correctly. The time to which the ticket entitles may be terminated, totally losing its amount without the right to claim for any of the following reasons:

1. For going off the track.
2. For ramming the protection barriers.
3. For closing or not yielding.
4. For pushing any of the other vehicles in circulation.
5. For not heeding employee signals.
6. For dangerous driving.
7. For remaining in the Boxes (dangerous area) or for other justified reasons deemed by the ringmaster.


Article 2:

It is totally forbidden to stay in the Pit area.
Once you have purchased the ticket, you must wait for the corresponding turn behind the protective fence. The offenders will be responsible for the damages they may suffer as a result of this breach.
They will only be able to enter or leave the pit area, when the employees of the track indicate it, losing the amount of the ticket in case of doing it without the proper authorization.
Remember, for your own safety: DO NOT STAY IN THE PIT AREA!



Article 3:

Smoking is prohibited in the Pit area and while driving the Karts.



Article 4:

In the event of an accident, the user of the Kart must pay for the damage caused to his vehicle and to others.



Article 5:

The use of a protective helmet is mandatory. The helmet will be provided by karting, before starting the activity,  and it must be perfectly fastened. Likewise, appropriate clothing will be used by the user.



Article 6:

It is forbidden to throw objects from running Karts such as: footwear, glasses, clothing, helmet, etc...



Article 7:

In the event of a kart breakdown, if it becomes immobilized at any point on the circuit, do not get off it or walk across the track because it is very dangerous. Raise your hand and wait to be served by  our staff. 



Article 8:

Karting Formula SL, constantly ensures that the Karts are in optimal conditions for use. However, if you consider that your vehicle does not go as you wish, stop in the Pits after the first lap. Do not wait until the end of the journey to make your claim, because it will be impossible for us to accept the claim since you will have consumed the experience.
Our desire is that you are fully satisfied.



Article 9:

This company may cancel any ticket (refunding the amount before boarding the Karts) if it deems it necessary, due to drunkenness, for not having the legal age or stature and for any other just cause that is deemed.



Article 10:

The company reserves the right to sell tickets outside the scheduled hours for the following reasons: weather, lighting deficiencies or force majeure. These will be paid or postponed for another date.



Article 11:

The price of the ticket is per person. For this reason, it is not possible to share the experience between multiple users. 



Article 12:

The driving of the Karts must be done correctly, giving way to those who want to overtake.
Overtaking must be carried out as long as safety is not endangered, in order to avoid accidents.



Article 13:

They cannot get on the Karts without the approved helmet and properly tied. People with long hair must wear it up and inside the helmet.



Article 14:

No member of his body can leave the kart.



Article 15:

You cannot get on the Karts without shoes or with inappropriate shoes such as flip flops.



Article 16:

It is not possible to get on the Karts with hanging clothes such as scarves or handkerchiefs, or other clothes that can cause damage.



Article 17:

Karting Formula SL is not responsible for objects that  users may lose while driving the Karts. The facility makes lockers available to users to store their belongings.

This regulation has been approved in its entirety by Karting Formula SL
We intend to select our distinguished clientele and ensure their safety at all times. For any claim, please contact the director of the circuit who will gladly assist you.

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